Live from New York, it’s the Ryder Cup captain's picks

Emily Kay
SB Nation

Tom Watson will mesmerize the nation on September 2 when he goes on live TV to announce his choices for the three remaining Ryder Cup slots.

Jimmy Fallon, Tom Watson is not. But that will not deter the laugh-a-minute U.S. Ryder Cup captain from taking over NBC’s "Saturday Night Live" Studio 8H on September 7 to announce live his picks for the three remaining berths on the 12-man 2014 team.

Getcha popcorn ready because you don’t want to miss a minute of Golf Channel’s broadcast of all the paint-drying, grass-growing action starting at 7 p.m. In the event that Captain Chuckles’ live-from-New-York appearance is not enough to convince you to click the remote away from another rerun of "Modern Family," the PGA of America has a ploy to get you involved in The Decision.

In what the PGA is touting as the "first-of-its-kind social media engagement program," the #mycaptainspicks offers sports fans the chance to choose the three players they believe Watson will tap. If you’re over 18 and the prognostications you make at through September 2 match Watson’s, the PGA will enter your choices in a drawing for a trip for two to Gleneagles for next month’s biennial competition with Europe.

Nine players automatically punched their tickets to Scotland after last week’s PGA Championship was complete. While Tiger Woods was not one of the lucky golfers who’ll pack his sticks for the Scottish Isles, Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson will headline an American team bent on revenge for the 2012 melee at Medina.

Fans — especially the coveted "Millennial" demographic — may vote early and often through 12 a.m. ET on September 2, but, alas, only their final entries will be eligible for the sweepstakes. A September 3 drawing will select the winners.

As for Fallon, you can catch him lip-syncing, dancing, and otherwise cracking wise with Tiger and Rory McIlroy Monday night at 11:35 just a few sets down from where Jimmy made his bones on SNL.

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