Live Trippin' Tuesday: noon, PT

Michael Silver
Yahoo! Sports

After spending my Sunday watching two once-proud franchises slog it out in the San Francisco rain – a day after the Bay Area football team I really care about got plastered at the L.A. Coliseum – I’m in need of a dramatic cleansing. Think of it as the journalistic equivalent of the procedure that Rams halfback Steven Jackson once described to me in vivid detail.

I’m not sure whether Live Trippin’ will assist me in moving forward as a lean, clean fighting machine, but I am confident that a generous hour of real-time back-and-forth with the Laptop Battalion will leave me with sore fingers and a clear head. Beginning at noon PT on Tuesday, we can talk about which team I should rank at the top of Wednesday’s 32 Questions (think Jets, Patriots, Ravens or Steelers), why I’m sold on the Vikings’ revival and whether I actually drive a Toyota Sienna minivan (only when my wife makes me).

Bring your 'tude, but spare me the tear-jerking complaints about your questions not getting chosen. Otherwise I will simply put up a photo of Lane Kiffin on the screen and type “SC Sucks” over and over and over and over again.

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