Live Trippin' at noon PT

Michael Silver
Yahoo! Sports

Since I promised my editor a column this morning – and had to break the promise, because (drum roll) an athlete didn't call as promised – I'm feeling a little guilty about the vast hole on our site.

Or perhaps I'm feeling a bit lonely: I haven't been told I'm boring, biased or brainless in a few hours, or at least since the last time I checked Twitter, and I could use a little connectivity with the masses.

So, as I take a brief break from sorting out this week's Friday Offerings – and this may be the rare occasion when I'm open to input for altered song lyrics and subjects – what do you say we spend a generous hour talking playoff football, coaching changes and looming labor strife? Please join me at noon PT today and help justify my existence while enhancing yours, or something like that.

And if I suddenly go radio silent for a few minutes, fear not: It probably means that athlete finally called.

And if things get a little slow, I'll ask my editor to tune in and throw out a few more questions.

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