Live Blog: 12-Team PPR Draft

Adrian Peterson found a job while Martavis Bryant is back after a year in exile. Jesse Pantuosco talks new beginnings in his latest Bump and Run

The second-annual APEX Industry Draft began at noon on Tuesday. This is a 12-team PPR league where we start one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one flex (RB/WR/TE), one defense, and one kicker. Here's a link to the official scoring of APEX fantasy leagues.

I thought Rotoworld readers might enjoy it if I used this page to sort of live blog the draft. I'll post each pick and offer up some commentary on the first ten rounds of this eighteen-round draft. Here's a link to the full draft page.

First Round

1.01. Chet Gresham -- Adrian Peterson
1.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Le'Veon Bell
1.03. Evan Silva -- Jamaal Charles
1.04. Rich Hribar -- Julio Jones
1.05. Graham Barfield -- Eddie Lacy
1.06. Mike Clay -- Antonio Brown
1.07. Ryan McDowell -- Dez Bryant
1.08. Mike Braude -- Odell Beckham
1.09. JJ Zachariason -- Arian Foster
1.10. Shawn Siegele -- Rob Gronkowski
1.11. Denny Carter -- Marshawn Lynch
1.12. John Sarmento -- C.J. Anderson

Comments: JJ selected Foster literally minutes before word broke Tuesday that Foster has a "significant" groin injury. That was a rough case of bad luck. We see seven running backs drafted in the top 12 in what was ultimately a pretty vanilla first round. At my 1.03 pick, I had Le'Veon, Charles, Lacy, and Peterson pre-drafted, in that order. Julio was the first wide receiver drafted, perhaps setting up Hribar to go Zero RB. Remember this is a PPR league where we can start up to four wide receivers each week. The league settings are right for a Zero RB approach.

Second Round

2.01. John Sarmento -- Andrew Luck
2.02. Denny Carter -- DeMarco Murray
2.03. Shawn Siegele -- Demaryius Thomas
2.04. JJ Zachariason -- Calvin Johnson
2.05. Mike Braude -- A.J. Green
2.06. Ryan McDowell -- Jeremy Hill
2.07. Mike Clay -- Jordy Nelson
2.08. Graham Barfield -- Alshon Jeffery
2.09. Rich Hribar -- Randall Cobb
2.10. Evan Silva -- Matt Forte
2.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Mike Evans
2.12. Chet Gresham -- Justin Forsett

Comments: Things start to get interesting in round two. "Rumford" Johnny Sarmento was the first owner to draft a quarterback, chasing Luck's mammoth upside at the end of the first-/second-round turn. Murray looks like a great value pick this year. He should be in the mix for 350 touches if he stays healthy and was a savvy selection by Carter, who like me started RB-RB. Braude, Hribar, and Clay all started WR-WR. Siegele started TE-WR. I was planning to take a wide receiver late in the second round, but couldn't pass on the value of Forte, whose PPR outlook remains strong even if he's highly unlikely to approach last year's 100-plus receptions. Bloom is all over Evans this year. You've gotta like Barfield's start with Lacy and Jeffery in hand, and a pick in the first half of the third round upcoming.

Third Round

3.01. Chet Gresham -- Brandin Cooks
3.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Frank Gore
3.03. Evan Silva -- LeSean McCoy
3.04. Rich Hribar -- Mark Ingram
3.05. Graham Barfield -- Lamar Miller
3.06. Mike Clay -- T.Y. Hilton
3.07. Ryan McDowell -- Aaron Rodgers
3.08. Mike Braude -- Jordan Matthews
3.09. JJ Zachariason -- C.J. Spiller
3.10. Shawn Siegele -- DeAndre Hopkins
3.11. Denny Carter -- Kelvin Benjamin
3.12. John Sarmento -- Jimmy Graham

Comments: A pretty routine third round. The picks most will probably see as aggressive were made by Braude (Matthews) and Siegele (Hopkins). Many folks are worried about the Texans' quarterback situation, but Hopkins is probably going to push for the NFL lead in targets with so little offensive talent left in Houston following the Foster injury. Matthews is an enormous breakout candidate in Philadelphia, where the quarterback skill level has improved and Matthews projects as a high-volume, high-percentage target in the NFL's highest-volume offense. Braude started WR-WR-WR (Beckham-A.J. Green-Matthews). Siegele started TE-WR-WR (Gronk-Demaryius-Hopkins). McDowell is looking really solid with a Dez-Jeremy Hill-Rodgers start. Those guys are gonna score lots of fantasy points.

Fourth Round

4.01. John Sarmento -- Travis Kelce
4.02. Denny Carter -- Emmanuel Sanders
4.03. Shawn Siegele -- Amari Cooper
4.04. JJ Zachariason -- Melvin Gordon
4.05. Mike Braude -- Julian Edelman
4.06. Ryan McDowell -- Keenan Allen
4.07. Mike Clay -- Andre Ellington
4.08. Graham Barfield -- Andre Johnson
4.09. Rich Hribar -- Alfred Morris
4.10. Evan Silva -- Jonathan Stewart
4.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Ameer Abdullah
4.12. Chet Gresham -- Latavius Murray

Comments: Sarmento had the most outside-the-box start to this draft, going RB-QB-TE-TE. He'll be starting Jimmy Graham at tight end and Kelce as his flex player. It could certainly pay dividends if Kelce blows up. Zero RBers Braude and Siegele continued to Zero RB in this round, drafting wideouts above their ADPs but securing likely high-volume pass catchers and further depleting the remaining wideout field. I didn't think any of the receivers left on the board were worthy of 4.10, so I started RBx4, taking the highest-rated player left in my rankings with each of my first four picks. This wasn't how I drew it up, but running backs get injured and all of these four backs (Charles, Forte, McCoy, Stew) were good values where I got them. I could also use them as in-season trade bait. I'll have to nail some mid-round receiver picks, though. The good news is wide receiver is probably the deepest position in the fantasy field this year, beyond quarterback. Through four rounds, Clay's roster stands at A. Brown-Jordy-Hilton-Ellington. Can't argue with that start in PPR.

Fifth Round

5.01. Chet Gresham -- Allen Robinson
5.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Jarvis Landry
5.03. Evan Silva -- Brandon Marshall
5.04. Rich Hribar -- DeSean Jackson
5.05. Graham Barfield -- Jeremy Maclin
5.06. Mike Clay -- Carlos Hyde
5.07. Ryan McDowell -- T.J. Yeldon
5.08. Mike Braude -- Joseph Randle
5.09. JJ Zachariason -- Martavis Bryant
5.10. Shawn Siegele -- Sammy Watkins
5.11. Denny Carter -- Charles Johnson
5.12. John Sarmento -- Todd Gurley

Comments: Through five rounds, only two quarterbacks have been drafted. I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two quarterbacks selected here in the next few rounds, but it'll be a good long while before most of these owners invest at the most-easily-replaced position in fantasy. Sarmento got a potential steal in Gurley at the 5th/6th turn; I would have guessed Gurley might go at the 4th/5th turn. Since losing Foster minutes after he drafted him in round one, Zachariason has been gunning for upside, selecting Calvin Johnson at good value in the second followed by potential PPR dynamo C.J. Spiller in the third, rookie lead back Melvin Gordon in the fourth, and Martavis here in the fifth. Here is Chet's start: Adrian Peterson-Justin Forsett-Brandin Cooks-Latavius Murray-Allen Robinson. I finally drafted a wide receiver in the fifth, nabbing Marshall, who I think is undervalued around the industry.

Sixth Round

6.01. John Sarmento -- Mike Wallace
6.02. Denny Carter -- Doug Martin
6.03. Shawn Siegele -- Nelson Agholor
6.04. JJ Zachariason -- Golden Tate
6.05. Mike Braude -- Tevin Coleman
6.06. Ryan McDowell -- Greg Olsen
6.07. Mike Clay -- Giovani Bernard
6.08. Graham Barfield -- Shane Vereen
6.09. Rich Hribar -- Vincent Jackson
6.10. Evan Silva -- Russell Wilson
6.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Rashad Jennings
6.12. Chet Gresham -- Roddy White

Comments: While Braude has begun drafting running backs -- he's now taken Joseph Randle and Tevin Coleman in back-to-back rounds -- Siegele has remained committed to his pass-catcher-only strategy and will likely lean on his ability to pluck late-round running backs plus the in-season waiver wire to fill his RB slots. Through six rounds, Siegele has selected five wide receivers and Gronk. Hribar has taken a more-balanced approach, drafting two backs (Mark Ingram, Alfred Morris) while filling his three receiver voids (Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, DeSean Jackson) plus the flex (Vincent Jackson) with a pass catcher. Bloom has gone RB heavy with Le'Veon Bell, Frank Gore, Ameer Abdullah, and Rashad Jennings, and Mike Evans and Jarvis Landry at wideout. Jennings stands out as an ideal short-term solution for Le'Veon owners waiting out his two-game suspension. Jennings will be the Giants' lead back against the Cowboys and Falcons to open the season, both terrific matchups. Toward the end of the round, I made Russell Wilson the third quarterback drafted and will start him every week.

Seventh Round

7.01. Chet Gresham -- Isaiah Crowell
7.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Eric Decker
7.03. Evan Silva -- Breshad Perriman
7.04. Rich Hribar -- LeGarrette Blount
7.05. Graham Barfield -- Anquan Boldin
7.06. Mike Clay -- Drew Brees
7.07. Ryan McDowell -- John Brown
7.08. Mike Braude -- Devonta Freeman
7.09. JJ Zachariason -- Steve Smith Sr.
7.10. Shawn Siegele -- Kendall Wright
7.11. Denny Carter -- Larry Fitzgerald
7.12. John Sarmento -- Brandon LaFell

Comments: Breakout candidates, undervalued veterans, and likely part-time backs comprised most of round seven. I know from listening to Clay's podcast that he's high on Brees this year. He put that into action by selecting Brees as the fourth quarterback off the board, ahead of Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger. McDowell is putting together a rock-solid team and took an upside wideout here in explosive sophomore Cardinals WR John Brown. McDowell's roster through seven rounds has Aaron Rodgers at quarterback, Jeremy Hill and T.J. Yeldon in the backfield, Dez Bryant, Keenan Allen, and Brown at receiver, and Greg Olsen at tight end. Have to think that team will be competitive. Hribar has yet to draft a quarterback or tight end, opting to slowplay those "onesie" positions. He has LeGarrette Blount, Mark Ingram, and Alfred Morris at running back, to go with a potentially-dominant wide receiver corps of Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, DeSean Jackson, and Vincent Jackson. Hard-luck Arian Foster drafter Zachariason has Melvin Gordon and C.J. Spiller at RB, and Calvin Johnson, Martavis Bryant, Golden Tate, and Steve Smith Sr. at WR.

Eighth Round

8.01. John Sarmento -- Torrey Smith
8.02. Denny Carter -- Jordan Cameron
8.03. Shawn Siegele -- Davante Adams
8.04. JJ Zachariason -- Peyton Manning
8.05. Mike Braude -- Brian Quick
8.06. Ryan McDowell -- Kevin White
8.07. Mike Clay -- Michael Floyd
8.08. Graham Barfield -- Marques Colston
8.09. Rich Hribar -- Rueben Randle
8.10. Evan Silva -- Martellus Bennett
8.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Ben Roethlisberger
8.12. Chet Gresham -- Danny Woodhead

Comments: In Manning and Roethlisberger, we see the fifth and sixth quarterbacks go off the board in round eight. I think both are value picks in this range. The eighth round is earlier than you'll usually see Quick go, but I had him in my pre-draft qeue if Braude wasn't going to take him. He's the most talented wideout in St. Louis and has breakout potential in his contract year. Clay made the Floyd pick right before the hand injury was announced. A draft-strategy maven, Siegele's incredible run of pass catchers continues. Siegele has now drafted seven wide receivers plus Rob Gronkowski. I'm at four running backs (Charles, Forte, McCoy, Stewart), two wide receivers (Marshall, Perriman), one quarterback (Russell Wilson), and one tight end (Bennett). I have a few later-round wideout targets I believe will be able to help me rack up catches, but I'm going to have the weakest receiver corps in this league. Through eight rounds, Carter has three RBs (Marshawn Lynch, DeMarco Murray, Doug Martin), four WRs (Emmanuel Sanders, Kelvin Benjamin, Charles Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald), and one tight end (Jordan Cameron).

Ninth Round

9.01. Chet Gresham -- Julius Thomas
9.02. Sigmund Bloom -- Duke Johnson
9.03. Evan Silva -- Pierre Garcon
9.04. Rich Hribar -- Bishop Sankey
9.05. Graham Barfield -- DeVante Parker
9.06. Mike Clay -- Zach Ertz
9.07. Ryan McDowell -- Joique Bell
9.08. Mike Braude -- Chris Ivory
9.09. JJ Zachariason -- Victor Cruz
9.10. Shawn Siegele -- David Johnson
9.11. Denny Carter -- Ryan Mathews
9.12. John Sarmento -- Roy Helu

Comments: This round is largely made up of committee-type backs who could become assets if they catch a break, a few tight ends, and borderline WR3 types. Siegle selected his first running back of the entire draft, banking on athletic freak David Johnson to emerge behind injury-plagued Andre Ellington. As Todd Gurley is Sarmento's RB2, it's conceivable Helu will open the season in a starting slot. That could work out if Helu is heavily involved in the passing game. I love the Mathews pick by Carter. Mathews should have a fairly consistent role at around 8-12 touches per game, and would become a fantasy RB1 if DeMarco Murray went down in Philadelphia. Braude finished last season first in this league in points scored. He looks to be building another high-ceiling bully with Tevin Coleman, Devonta Freeman, Joseph Randle, and value-pick Ivory at running back, and Odell Beckham, A.J. Green, Jordan Matthews, Brian Quick, and Julian Edelman at wideout.

Tenth Round

10.01. John Sarmento -- Stevie Johnson
10.02. Denny Carter -- Donte Moncrief
10.03. Shawn Siegele -- Devin Funchess
10.04. JJ Zachariason -- Tyler Eifert
10.05. Mike Braude -- Jason Witten
10.06. Ryan McDowell -- Charles Sims
10.07. Mike Clay -- Terrance Williams
10.08. Graham Barfield -- Reggie Bush
10.09. Rich Hribar -- Matt Ryan
10.10. Evan Silva -- Tre Mason
10.11. Sigmund Bloom -- Dwayne Allen
10.12. Chet Gresham -- Ryan Tannehill

Link here for the rest of the draft.