Lions web site says Megatron played with broken fingers, now it doesn't

Brad Biggs
National Football Post

This is where Calvin Johnson and the fingers on his left hand get really interesting.

The Detroit Lions wide receiver, who had a record setting season in 2013 despite a host of different injuries, was reported by Chris McCosky of the Detroit News to have played with broken fingers during the season.

That report was backed up, not long ago, by Tim Twentyman, who works for the Lions as a writer for the team’s Web site. But now Twentyman has done a 180 and scrubbed the previous report from the team’s Web site, replacing it with one that says Johnson … DID NOT play with broken fingers last season.

“Since publishing my blog, the #Lions clarify that Calvin Johnson admitted to finger injuries, but not a break,” Twentyman wrote on the Twitter account he uses to promote all things Lions.

“While Johnson did admit to suffering finger injuries, he did not specifically state that he did suffer a break,” Twentyman wrote in the new blog, that replaced the previous one confirming the broken fingers on the same URL.

Why the new report? Who knows? A conspiracy theorist might suggest that the Lions did not reveal Johnson’s injuries fully on the injury reports during the 2012 season. That might make the club reluctant for news to get out that Johnson suffered injuries the team did not properly report, right?

Or maybe Johnson didn’t have broken fingers and he said this morning that he is “pretty much just getting them back straight and trying to straighten those things out” because his fingers were distorted by some other means than, you know, broken bones. Could be.

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