Lions' Glover Quin finds one NFL rule particularly 'stupid'

The Lions safety doesn't understand the uniform policy rules.

Lions safety Glover Quin was fined for his helmet-to-helmet hit on Tavon Austin last week, but he understands that. What he doesn't understand are the inconsistent fines for violating the league's uniform policy.

"I mean, I feel like all uniform violations are stupid. I mean, unless somebody is being stupid," Quin said, via "If our colors are blue and someone goes out there in orange shoes, that's stupid. 

"I mean, at the end of the day, your uniform is going to be your uniform. Your jersey is going to look like everybody else, your pants are going to look like everybody else. Your socks are going to be blue and white. I mean, what's the difference if somebody wears high white, and someone wears low blue?"

Quin described a situation this year where he wore white socks during an away game in Week 1 and wasn't fined, but wore the same socks at home the next week and was written up. He figured that it'd be OK to wear the socks on road games, so he did that, and was written up.

Basically, he says there's zero consistency with how the league enforces this rule.

"Like, if you want everybody to look like the NFL mannequin, then that's what it's got to be," he said. "But what's the difference in me wearing too much white, or somebody else wearing too much blue? You fine me for wearing a lot of blue, but you don't fine him for wearing a lot of white? What's the difference?"

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