Lil B’s 'Gotta Make the NBA' Is Actually Not Bad

Maddy Lucier
'Gotta Make the NBA'
'Gotta Make the NBA'

From his new Hoop Life mixtape, Lil B recently released a new song called “Gotta Make the NBA.”  The rapper has definitely not been shy about talking up his basketball skills in his songs and on Twitter. In 2012,“The Based God” tried out for the Golden State Warriors’ D-League team. He didn’t make it, but apparently won’t let one bad tryout crush his pro ball dreams.

On multiple occasions, Lil B has publicly challenged Kevin Durant to a game of one-on-one and unleashed  a "curse" upon Durant and the Thunder. During Lil B’s video for his song “Warm Ups,” at one point the screen reads, “Lil B is one of the best point guards ever to live, it's up to you to play him and see. Also KD, I want u to know I don’t fear you and I’m ready for our game, you fear me on the court —Lil B.” KD responded on Twitter, “Yo shut up. Yo leave me alone lol, if you wanna play me you gotta come to OKC I’m not coming to Oakland."

And the antics continued. About a month ago, Lil B released a KD diss track. "Gotta Make the NBA" feels like a much softer follow-up.


Check out the video below in which Lil B hoops it up and raps about his aspiration to play professionally.

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