LGD Gaming announce full roster for 2017 Summer: Cool as starting mid, GodV moved to bench

Cool is LGD Gaming's starting mid laner (LGD weibo)
Cool is LGD Gaming’s starting mid laner (LGD weibo)

LGD Gaming have announced their full League of Legends roster for the coming 2017 LPL Summer split. They have confirmed that Yu “Cool” Jiajun will join as starting mid with Wei “GodV” Zhen choosing to move to an inactive role rest.

LGD’s announcement begins with them lamenting a difficult 2017 Spring Split. They compared their rise and fall to that of Cool’s career, given his success on Oh My God in the past. The team hopes Cool’s addition as a transfer from Newbee Gaming will rejuvenate both parties. GodV, due to his injury, will not play for the 2017 Summer Split, but he will remain part of the team.

The full roster, according to LGD, is as follows:

Top: Lim “Jinoo” Jinwoo
Jungle: Xie “Eimy” Dan
Mid: Yu “Cool” Jiajun
Mid: Wei “GodV” Zhen (inactive)
ADC: Gu “imp” Seungbin
Support: Chen “Pyl” Bo

Li “Funny” Yuanhui, mid and top lane substitute, has left LGD Gaming along with Park “Croc” Jonghoon, substitute jungler, and Chen “sukiM” Zhiyuan, substitute AD carry. Jungler Tang “1ntruder” Sheng has transferred to LSPL team, Young Glory.

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