Leonys Martin got an amazingly musical birthday gift from his team

Seattle Mariners' Leonys Martin reacts after scoring during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Oakland Athletics, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Was Leonys Martin this happy when he discovered the Mariners had gotten him a mariachi band for his birthday? (AP Photo)

Monday is Leonys Martin’s 29th birthday. And Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais wasn’t going to let their center fielder celebrate that special day just any old way. So he got him something unique. And musical. Very, very musical.

What could it possibly be?

Yup. Servais and the team got a mariachi band to follow Martin around during workouts, which is insane and hilarious and weird and wonderful all at once. Ryan Divish, Mariners beat writer for the Seattle Times, was there, and he captured much of the magic on his Twitter account.

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Here they are providing a soundtrack for Martin and his other teammates while they execute running drills:

That’s our first close-up view of the band and Martin. Can you guess which one he is during the running drill? He’s the one wearing the gigantic sombrero. It looks like it would be hard to run wearing that. It looks like it would be hard to do anything wearing that. But Martin was going to try:

Do you think Martin’s Mariners teammates would find the mariachi band annoying? Nope!

Lest you think that the band was just symbolically following Martin around, here’s proof that they actually went everywhere he went:

You can see Martin on the right side of the photo, wearing his sombrero. The band is in the center of the photo, presumably playing a song. But all that following and playing and singing has to be hard work, and Martin made sure the band was taken care of.

Hydrated and ready to go, they follow him once again.

Everybody knows “La Bamba”:

Later, Divish talked to Martin about the whole experience.

It seems like a really great interview with a player talking about his manager and the impact he’s had on his life. And will we get to see video of that interview?

That would be Felix Hernandez, ace pitcher for the Mariners, fooling around with a violin. Where’s video of that?!

There is a transcript of Martin talking about his manager Scott Servais, and it’s lovely. It turns out that the entire thing was the brainchild of Servais, and was paid for by teammate Kyle Seager. This whole thing is marvelous and really, really funny. Everyone always thinks about getting a band to follow around their friend for a day, but so few people actually do it.

The Stew’s Mike Oz has reported on how the team, full of new players after a very busy offseason, has been getting to know each other. It definitely seems like this was a bonding experience. Years from now, guys who were there are going to say, “Hey, remember the time we got a mariachi band to follow Martin around for a whole day?” This is the type of thing that will go down in spring training history. And it meant a lot to Martin, too, which makes it even better.

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