LEGENDS: an Inside Hilltopper Sports Special Feature

Hannah Page, Staff Writer
Inside Hilltopper Sports

It has been 72 days since I last published to Inside Hilltopper Sports. But trust me when I say that it has been 72 days filled of researching, gathering pictures, taking pictures, and writing an article that will give - in my opinion - one of the most historic basketball programs in the nation the respect and attention it deserves.

At times, I felt completely overwhelmed (in the best possible way, of course) as WKU Basketball's rich tradition is nearly impossible to summarize. Nay, it IS impossible. While writing this article (aka a book), I often felt like an actress giving an acceptance speech: frantically trying to mention and thank everyone. In the same regard, I tried oh so desperately to mention as many coaches, players, administrators, games, and events that shaped the program into what it is today. Again, it is impossible. To those who are not mentioned, your efforts and legacy are greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed.

Enough rambling! On behalf of Inside Hilltopper Sports, I present:

LEGENDS: an Inside Hilltopper Sports Special Feature

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