Legend of 9-year-old girl football sensation continues to grow

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The SportsXchange

The legend of Sam just keeps growing.
Little 9-year-old Samantha "Sam" Gordon, who is the latest Internet sensation due to her little league football prowess, just got her photo on her own box of Wheaties cereal.
Gordon, of Herriman, Utah, has rushed for over 2,000 yards and scored 35 touchdowns during the just-completed season for the Gremlin Division of the Ute Conference.
That's right, a 9-year-old scored 35 touchdowns -- and she reportedly is already drawing interest from college coaches, according to a report on ESPN.
Oh, and by the way, Gordon's nickname is "Sweet Feet."
The little mite is featured in a YouTube video that has gone viral, drawing more than 2 million views. She's making the media rounds, as well, appearing Wednesday on "Good Morning America."
As for being featured on the cover of Wheaties, Gordon gushed in an interview on ESPN's SportsCenter.
"I think it's really great," Gordon said. "My mom, she told me that this is a real athletic breakfast and that only real athletes get on it and that Michael Jordan was on it for a long time. So I'm really proud to be on the Wheaties box."
However, General Mills Inc. reportedly told at least one media outlet that Gordon's box is a one-of-a-kind and that it won't be put into general circulation on Wheaties boxes sold in stores.
When ESPN asked Gordon what she likes most about playing football, she quipped, "Being the girl out there and scoring on the boys and the boys being like, 'Dangit, I just got beat by a girl.'"

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