LB Millikan's Nijel "Why Not" Jones is "Mr. Break Out"

Erik Woods, staff
California Preps

Every year you see that kid, ballin his heart out for his guys because the front of the jersey means more than the back. Who is that guy this year maybe?

Nijel Jones, point guard at Long Beach Millikan.

How can you know Erik? Well, I don't have a crystal ball but I have a BA in history. I've seen many kids turn it on, show that passion, hit that turbo booster switch that translates to the next level, not to be confused with the switches and hydraulics on a classic 64.

Hear Nijel speak on why he sees progression and him breaking out as a player in college:

"My hobbies are to ball all the time, socialize with my close friends when I have time, and play 2k against my brother. We have a little rivalry in the house. In the future I'm going to try and make it at either a D1 or D2, which will hopefully lead into balling for a professional team or balling overseas.

“I've been told all my life that I have the skills for basketball, but it's all about the heart. And all those people are right because without heart, you can't get anywhere."

Mind blown. #TED TALK. Drop knowledge youngster - I see you on that grind.

Some coaches, no offense, we know they’re cardboard, fake industry they should be starring in the hoop version of Get Out.

So who’s real.....super ride or die cat? That'd be Long Beach Millikan coach Chris Francis of course. He holds an advanced degree from a college and C-Francis knows his X's and O's. Mr Francis embodies success. And by the way, he's 100% level brotha.


Here’s what he says about his player Nijel Jones:

"Nijel is a total team player. He's that glue guy that can do everything. I've been proud to coach him for 4 years. The word that describes him best is consistent. With Nijel, you know what he brings to the table. I believe he could be a star at the D2 or NAIA level. Without a doubt."

That's a legend coach putting cred on the line for his guy. C-Francis has coached dudes to the Pac-12, I'm just saying.

I think Nijel could hit a college line up with time, skill development, and getting in the lab...only time will tell of course.

Spend a few minutes with Mr. Nijel Jones, you'll be impressed like me. This young bull is articulate, driven, wanting and waiting...for dots to get connected. Cool kid and baller Nijel.

Why celebrate Nijel you say?

It's like Russell Westbrook says, WHY NOT? Can he really do it you say, WHY CAN'T he really do it I say. Go see this pg ball and make your mind up for yourself.

Every year you have that dude that breaks out. It just might be Mr. Nijel Jones in 2017.


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