Lawyer for Raiders pick Gareon Conley now says Conley and accuser had consensual 'sexual event'

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One of the key parts of the police report on the rape accusation against Oakland Raiders first-round pick Gareon Conley was two witnesses saying Conley did not have sex with his accuser.

On Monday, Conley’s lawyer told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network that Conley and the woman did have a “consensual” sexual event and “Her version is not accurate.”

Gareon Conley at his pro day workout at Ohio State. (AP)
Gareon Conley at his pro day workout at Ohio State. (AP)

Conley met with police Monday, where he was reportedly expected to give a DNA sample.

Conley, a cornerback from Ohio State, was drafted in the first round by the Raiders last week despite the open investigation. A woman has accused Conley of sexual assault in Conley’s hotel room in Cleveland on April 9. He has denied a rape occurred. In his statement last week he said, “There were several witnesses, including another female, who were present the entire time and have given statements that give an accurate account of what took place.”

Later, Conley’s lawyer specified that the “sexual event” was not intercourse.

Here’s what reported, citing the police report (and here is the full, redacted police report):

“One of the men in the room, who identified himself as the player’s best friend, said the player and woman never had sex and that the woman became angry when she was kicked out of the room, according to police reports.

“The other man inside the room told police the player and woman were on the bed together for a short time but that nothing sexual happened, according to police.”

The Raiders clearly believed in Conley’s innocence to take him No. 24 overall in the draft. Conley’s legal situation should be resolved in six-to-eight weeks, Conley’s lawyer told Rapoport.

The Raiders will be watching the situation closely, after taking a big risk in the first round of the draft on Conley.

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