Lauren Graham Addresses ‘Gilmore Girls’ Coffee Cup Controversy

Lauren Graham stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, and Stephen asked her about the recent Gilmore Girls coffee cup controversy. Stephen pointed out that people online have been complaining that, in the new episodes of Gilmore Girls, it looks like those coffee cups they’re always carrying are (gasp) actually empty.

Lauren was, obviously, shocked and appalled by the accusations and made it clear to Stephen that there is always coffee in her cup. The Late Show host showed Lauren a tweet with a still shot from the show of her holding the bottom of her coffee cup. Stephen just happened to have a couple of cups of coffee from Luke’s Diner, and Lauren quickly grabbed one to prove that she could, easily, hold a cup full of coffee from the bottom and even drink from it.

Lauren eventually laughed it off, saying, “I love the controversies cropping up,” to which Stephen replied, “We’ve got to be angry about something.”

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Underwhelmed by Gilmore Girls’ final moment? So was the cast!

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