Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. UCLA
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Bowl season ought to give TV viewers a break now that the Writers Guild strike has forced them to watch old episodes of their favorite shows.

Unfortunately, even bowl season doesn't offer a respite from reruns.

The 2007 schedule includes two matchups – BYU-UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl and Purdue-Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl – that took place during the regular season. This marks the first time in history that two bowls in one season have offered rematches, the 2007 official NCAA record book shows.

Ever since these rematches were announced, the teams have tried to put their best spin on the situation.

You're going to have two teams getting after each other because they know each other well," UCLA strong safety Chris Horton said of Saturday's Las Vegas Bowl showdown.

Nonetheless, it seems rather unusual to schedule rematches of games that weren't particularly interesting the first time around. UCLA beat BYU 27-17 on Sept. 8, while Purdue trounced Central Michigan 45-22 one week later.

Making matters worse, these two matchups will take place again early next season. UCLA plays at BYU on Sept. 6, and Central Michigan heads to Purdue one week later.

"Both teams will do their best every time we play, but there is something to be said about playing an opponent once a year and learning a lesson, and then letting it sink in and play them a year later," BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall said. "That's the way I prefer to have it."

Rematches are unusual – but not unprecedented – in bowl season.

Mike Huguenin's pick: BYU 31-21.

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