Laker Love: Cook & Hymes are LEGIT

Erik Woods, staff
California Preps

Who is Brian Cook? Not just a dope dope baller from Lincoln, Illinois. B is a former hoop star in college, was an NBA baller for the Lakers and Magic. More than that, B is my hero, he's a friend. #100%

Why? Brian Cook has been mentoring & helping this truly awesome youngster named KJ Hymes from Phoenix, AZ for years. B-Cook drives there, gets in the lab with KJ's dad, Kwame to help a kid fulfill his athletic and human potential.

KJ’s got mad game. Forget the rankings, circle the calendar and put on your GPS to find KJ ballin out for the AAU team Las Vegas Prospects. I predict KJ will tear it up come AAU time, this I believe.


KJ on the court has step back J's and a block down post game. At 6-10, he maximizes considerable potential on the court, but he acts like a cool dude off of it.

Hear him speak on it, "I love my family. They are so important to me, just having fun with my lil bro Isaac, cousins Edward, Neaveh, and Samantha. My mom Sonya keeps us all together.

Dude loves his fam.

Now you can start to understand this mentorship. It's deep - B-Cook is a real one to people. KJ has grown as a person and prospect from being mentored by Cook who says, "I really appreciate KJ and his whole family. They’re great people, it's been so great being a part of their lives."

How great will KJ be as a senior at Hillcrest Prep, and in college? I predict he'll be a top prospect from seeing him ball out. He's that all around great 16-year old, a junior in high school.

I went to my closet recently and dusted off a special jersey that I had been saving, one of my SLAM jerseys. I used to give them out to kids that balled for me and to next next level mentors like Baron Davis. BD still has mad game.

Baron was dropping knowledge on the court as I was playing ball with him at Santa Monica CC. Baron’s still got nice nice crossovers, tear drops in the lane. BD can't be stopped on the court still. #Fire

It’s Billy Knight said to me about his old teammate, "BD is nice."

To me, KJ is like an upcoming 6-10 Michael Porter.

He’s long, skilled, pick your poison with this cat. For as good a person KJ is off the court, Young Bull is a problem on the court. Need to share that KJ is that extremely humble and great student, no head blowing up this kid.

I won't waste the real estate on this story listing the 18 offers pending for this high major prospect. No, YOU need to see why KJ is that nasty baller, you find KJ, watch him ball.

My advice? Rush out to see KJ now, while he's playing for free, because in a few years you'll be paying NBA ticket money to see him do his thing in the L. #real talk


KJ has game on multiple levels, has a nice basketball IQ and skill set as a baller. He goes hard at your grill, takes out your jugular on the court. Cuz Kwame, his pops taught him how, "This dude KJ, doesn't play nice guy on the court."

But off the court, knowing KJ you become a better person by knowing him. He is a great young person. KJ was raised by his parents be like that.

That's why I'm entertained by watching KJ ball out. I don't need to see movies anymore, just buy popcorn and watch this kid go at it on the court. #entertaining.

Get to know KJ Hymes. He's not just a Jesus Shuttlesworth baller, he's a really fantastic 6-10 person that happens to be committing homicide on the court, what more could I say?


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