Kyle Schwarber is very serious about winning in new Gatorade ad

For <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/9861/" data-ylk="slk:Kyle Schwarber">Kyle Schwarber</a>, winning is no joking matter.
For Kyle Schwarber, winning is no joking matter.

For baseball fans and players alike, the offseason means the same thing: no baseball. Baseball is over the moment the final out of the World Series is in the book, and then it’s months and months of no baseball. Many fans try to fill that baseball-less void by gobbling up every nugget of hot stove news, doing (very) early work on their fantasy team, and counting down the days until spring training starts.

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Of course, players handle the offseason very differently. Or at least Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber does. In this new ad for Gatorade, Schwarber demonstrates that “offseason” is just another word for “work.”

According to the ad, Schwarber the Cubs have been doing all the work since the World Series parade. “You don’t break a 108-year curse just to start a new one” is what the narrator says, though to be fair, most teams don’t know that they’re starting a new curse at the very beginning. But Schwarber is making extra, extra sure it doesn’t happen.

And how is making sure? With near-constant exercise! Because “the W doesn’t stand for ‘weekend.'” We see Kyle hitting balls in the batting cage, we see him toweling off his sweaty face, we see him pushing a heavy thing from one spot to another. “Because in this town, we don’t raise L’s.” Nope, they raise the W, and Schwarber (and his amazing 2016 postseason performance) knows that stands for win. And it also possibly stands for “work” since that’s apparently all he’s been doing.

The ad also includes shots of W flags from all over the city, so it’s catnip for Cubs fans. But if you’re looking for a smile from Schwarber, you won’t find it. He’s all business, because to Schwarber winning is serious business. And with two homers in six games this season, it looks to be paying off. But let’s hope he found some time this winter for non-exercise things, like eating food with friends, watching TV, or maybe even sleeping.

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