Kyle Larson sometimes flies commercial to save money

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nascar/sprint/drivers/3156/" data-ylk="slk:Kyle Larson">Kyle Larson</a> won Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. (Getty)
Kyle Larson won Sunday at Auto Club Speedway. (Getty)

Believe it or not, Kyle Larson will occasionally fly on commercial airlines to Cup Series races.

The points leader made the revelation on Friday, saying that he liked to fly either commercially or on the Chip Ganassi Racing charter plane to save money.

“Yeah, I fly commercial as much as I can and fly with the team,” Larson said. “That’s a lot of money to be private flying, especially to the West Coast. Yeah, I’m cheap with my money when it comes to flying. And, I like to rack up the miles so I can maybe get some free trips.”

In the high-dollar world of the Cup Series, a top driver admitting that he doesn’t fly on a private jet regularly is a big deal. While many lower-tier drivers fly commercially throughout the NASCAR schedule, the top stars of the Cup Series typically take a private jet from city to city.

Larson likes being frugal, however. And we don’t blame him. Though he said he does fly first-class often. That sounds like a luxury to many of us, but that’s still a savings over flying privately.

“I’ll purchase a first class ticket now. But, a couple of years ago, I know [Ricky Stenhouse and Danica Patrick] obviously she’s a very wealthy person, but she doesn’t understand why I would purchase a coach ticket when coach is $120 versus first class being $500. I’m going to save that money. But now, I fly first class. And, too, [son] Owen is older than 2 years now, so you have to purchase him a seat, which really stinks. But, I’ll fly commercial as much as I can, especially the West Coast stuff. I think commercial is better. The team plane, you have to stop for fuel. No Wi-Fi. Commercial’s not bad.”

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