Kylan "Moves" Wallace is Big Sean

Erik Woods, staff
California Preps

Part one of a two-part feature:

What is the connection with Kylan Wallace and Big Sean? Well, Ariana Grande is not K-Wallace's girl friend, not quite yet, but Ky is a smooth lookin brother, so I'm sure he's getting broke off. More on Big Sean later...

Seriously, get to know this awesome youngster, he's a spiritual dude, he's got a nice game. Kylan reminds me of Westchester's "smiling Gabe Pruitt.”

Why did I love Gabe's game in ‘04? He had silky smooth skills, yet had a nasty game for Westchester, USC, and played in the "L" for the Celts.

Kylan Wallace and Gabe both can play. My thinking is that possibly Kylan will be as good as G-Pruitt some day.


If Kylan were a rapper he'd be smooth, like Big Sean, let me break you off a couple bars -cuz "Now you know. I got the moves.”

Ky got the moves...he's making moves......Ky make the city move (Like whoa)...he made the City move." I have love for Carson High. My cousin Perry Kline played there on the late 80's. Perry went on to Cal, balled in NFL as a QB...that was Perry's dream.

What's Kylan's dream? Ball for UCLA. Period. Kylan says of his hopes, "I love my teammates, we love each other, we need to get a state chip next year, that's our goal definitely."

The Carson Colts had a great season at 23-7 and barely lost to Helix High 56-53, Helix played for a chip this weekend, so that's a possibility for Carson and Wallace.

Back to Big Sean, Kylan balls on the court like Big Sean spits game...they both rhyme in their own way B-Sean, both smooth, coming up.


When I watch Kylan ball, these lyrics come into my head:

"Give me the ball and I will have to pass it

I ain't passing out until I'm asthma attacking

I take a plan and then I back to back it

Hit after hit, check the batting average

I take the work, flip it, acrobatic

Got a little time and a lot of talent

Do a little talking and a lot of action

Seen the competition, hmm, not a challenge

I lean, I move, I walk through in this “itch."


Photo by Dave Keefer

I love this kid K-Wallace, I ball with his dad sometimes at Santa Monica City College. How cool is this kid? Everyone I've talked to, including his high school coach and his AAU coach think Kylan is just a dope dope person.

How much do I like K-Wallace? He's like fam to me, I love him like I loved Gabe Pruitt and Gabe’s lil bro Jason Pruitt in ‘04. Jason used to attend the Elementary I taught at, Weemes. #Weemes Lion Legend

Kylan is that cool dude, his fav movie? Suicide Squad, no doubt, that movie rocks, so does K-Wallace's game. Look for his team, the AAU Bobcats to make a splash splash this season, they have good talent, good leadership.

Talk to Kylan, he's just a mellow cat, nice game, super personality, he has a great nurturing mom, he has everything going for him, just like Big Sean does for his rap game, get those grades on point Kylan and the world is yours, "young bull!"

Kylan and Big Sean are both Ballers, still minus the Ariana Grande part tho. Lol


Let's hear some more Big Sean:

"I just had a couple dots that need connecting...Now your top 5 getting redirected From here on out it'll be consecutive...We making moves like Tarantino, like J.J. Abrams Moving like Channing Tatum.....Moving like Jason Statham.....I got this Ditch going off more than breaking and entering."

Don't take my word for it, go out and see how this dude Kylan got game. As a son, as a baller, as a child of God. #believe in Kylan

Part 2 will be about Kylan the sneaker head. That's my kind of guy. Kylan has mad love for Kobe's. Me too.

Kylan's team Carson lost in the playoffs, but as Big Sean says....Last night I took an L, but tonight I bounce back. That's Kylan Wallace.....he's GOT the MOVES and HE BOUNCES BACK

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