Kris Bryant was smiling as he fielded the final out

One hundred and eight years never stood a chance against Kris Bryant, did it?

Ever since he was called up a few week into the 2015 season, the Chicago Cubs third baseman has displayed a preternatural coolness that never paid any mind to the weighty expectations put upon his career and his team.

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Never was that more apparent than the final out of Game 7, when Bryant charged a slow-rolling grounder from Michael Martinez with a smile on his face.

What, Kris, worry?

Check it out:

Bryant, the second pick in the 2013 draft, seems impervious to pressure.

His first commercial upon hitting the big leagues featured him walking around with a goat. He won Rookie of the Year in 2015 and followed it up a 2016 season that will likely win him the NL MVP. After he struggled in the first four games of the World Series, he stood in the locker room and calmly said both he and his team’s bats would come alive over the final three games.

He was right. Bryant went 6-for-12 with two homers, five runs and two RBI over the final three games. The Cubs scored a total of 20 runs.

After scooping up the final grounded and keeping his balance on a slick field, Bryant fired the ball over to Anthony Rizzo. The first baseman easily caught it, thrust his hands skyward and then shoved the ball in his back pocket for safekeeping.

Later in the clubhouse, Bryant joked that he deserve the historic baseball.

“I made the out,” he said. “Give me the ball!”

Kris Bryant celebrates the Cubs' championship. (Getty Images)
Kris Bryant celebrates the Cubs' championship. (Getty Images)

Kris Bryant celebrates the Cubs’ championship. (Getty Images)