Kris Bryant takes BP from a disguised Greg Maddux in great prank

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What goes around comes around. Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant proved he is no stranger to pranks last March when he went undercover as a transfer student at a community college. Bryant took some hacks, impressed his would-be teammates and then shocked everyone by revealing his true identity.

Though Bryant’s prank wasn’t cruel, karma has a way of evening things out. This time around, Bryant found himself on the other end of a hilarious baseball prank. At the center of it all was former Cubs pitcher and Hall of Famer Greg Maddux.

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Kris Bryant took BP off a Hall of Famer and didn’t even know it. (Getty Images/Elsa)
Kris Bryant took BP off a Hall of Famer and didn’t even know it. (Getty Images/Elsa)

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Here’s the setup: Bryant believed he was taking batting practice as part of a promotional shoot for Red Bull. In order to blend in, Maddux went undercover as the sound guy. His beard and long hair were a pretty convincing disguise.

As the sound guy, Maddux made a few quips. He criticized other members of the crew, complained about trying to leave work early and even gave Bryant some tips when he was at the plate. That was just a warmup for what was to come.

As Bryant is taking batting practice, his pitcher receives an important phone call and informs the group he has to leave for two hours to help with study hall. You can probably guess what happens next. Watch the full video here:

That’s right. Undercover Greg Maddux takes the mound and throws batting practice to Bryant. At first, Bryant is pretty hesitant about the whole thing. He doesn’t want anyone from the crew throwing to him. Bryant quickly becomes somewhat incredulous after the sound guy turns out to be pretty good at throwing baseballs. At one point, he says “hang on, I have to take this seriously.”

Bryant’s competitive nature eventually kicks in. You can tell he’s a little frustrated he can’t seem to crush pitches from the sound guy. He’s determined to hit one over the fence, which leads to him demanding “one more pitch” about seven times. Bryant eventually succeeds, but it’s clear it was much harder than he expected.

When the whole thing is done, Maddux reveals himself. He asks Bryant to give him his bat and tells him to sign it to Greg Maddux. The Hall of Famer then takes off his disguise, and Bryant admits he was completely fooled.

The funniest exchange may come at the very end. After everything is settled down, Bryant asks Maddux if he still wants his bat. Maddux replies “no,” causing Bryant to once again laugh at the absurdity of the situation.

Though Bryant was the butt of the joke here, at least karma is back on his side. It’s about time something positive happened to Bryant and Cubs.

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