Kobe Bryant Breaks His Leg Three Weeks After Signing A $48.5 Million Extension, Out Six Weeks

Tony Manfred
Business Insider
kobe bryant returns lakers raptors
kobe bryant returns lakers raptors

Harry How/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant will be out for six weeks after breaking a bone in his leg, the Los Angeles Lakers announced today.

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Specifically, he fractured his lateral tibial plateau in his left knee.

Kobe was still working his way back into game shape after returning from an Achilles tear. Three weeks ago, before the Lakers saw him play after the Achilles injury, he signed a $48.5 million extension that keeps him in L.A. until 2016.

The injury came when he was backing down Grizzlies guard Tony Allen in a game on Tuesday.

It's a personal blow for Kobe, who only played six games in between major injuries.

It's also a blow for the Lakers going forward if Kobe can't find some sustained health. He actually took a pay cut in that extension, but he's still going to be the highest-paid players in the league until his contract runs out.

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