'Kim Jong-un' makes a sensational appearance at the Rio Olympics

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North Korea is notorious for keeping a close eye on its athletes during international competition. Kim Jong-un has been spotted several times in the crowd in Rio, but not even North Korean athletes thought he would be this close to the action.

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Or at least it appeared to be him.

For those that don’t know, Kim Jong-un is the isolated leader of the People’s Republic of North Korea. “Kim Jong-un,” however, is the life of the party.

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The Glorious Leader may not have made it to the Olympic games, but his impersonator definitely did. The Australian-Hongkonger known as “Howard” made his presence felt at the track and field events, where cameras and vigilant viewers have seen him.

The Kim impersonator has been taken photos with fans and athletes alike as he makes his way through the Olympic festivities. He also gave a less than glorious gesture to the crowd during last night’s track action.

Costumed patrons aren’t a new thing at the Olympics.

People come dressed in wild outfits to show their support for their favorite country. However, not a lot of people come dressed as their favorite Supreme Commander.

North Korea may be benefitting from the extra motivation.

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The country has secured seven medals in Rio: two gold, three silver and two bronze. That medal haul is highest it has had since it secured nine medals at Barcelona in 1992.

There is no confirmation whether Kim’s father, Kim Jong-il, was in attendance to inspire that performance in 1992. Knowing Kim Jong-il’s athletic achievements, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was there.

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