Kicking and screaming

Jay Hart
Yahoo! Sports

There's no way we could go a full week without a mailbag, not with all your thoughts on the Sam Hornish Jr.-Kurt Busch points swap. No surprise, most of you are ticked off at NASCAR.

Without further adieu, let's dig in and see what you have to say. Per the usual, my answers are in italics.

BUSCH-LEAGUE MOVE ("The fix is in" Dec. 17, 2007)

AMEN! Thanks for saying what needs to be said.

Keith Wise
Richmond, Va.

Thanks for saying what's on everybody's mind. The only competition these days in NASCAR is which sponsor is paying the most money.

Rick Kottler
Stuart, Fla.

The Internet is a great thing, because it allows us to hear what you're saying. I read your thoughts everyday, and what a great many of you are saying is you're fed up with NASCAR, a sport you love. This column was for you, the readers.

Does NASCAR really care about the fans anymore??? I think not and while I read the results on Monday morning, I rarely watch the races anymore, and I was going to N. Wilkesboro when it was dirt, so I am a long term fan who has completely lost interest because of their tweaking, their bum calls on race day, their beloved chase, their special chosen few drivers, and much more.

Randy Rhodes
Lexington, N.C.

You're not alone, Randy. You're not alone.

I am one of those die hard fans that you speak of. Myself and lots of my friends used to never miss a race, either attending or watching these blowhard commentators we see on TV, My question is who do we need to contact to show our displeasure and tell how they are pushing us away from NASCAR? Or maybe myself and my friends are not the fan base that NASCAR is looking to please. Gone are the good old days of beating and banging your way to the lead. Gone are the days of sitting on the edge of our seats to see what happens next. If there is a email address we can write to please let us know. We are about ready to call it quits with NASCAR.

Mike Cottingham
Bessemer, Ala.

Can't give you an e-mail address to write to, Mike, but I hope this will suffice. Again, I gotta tell all the readers, I wrote the column for you, because I read your e-mails. I know what you're thinking. I know you want your voices to be heard. It isn't much, but consider this my Christmas gift to you.

You have hit the nail on the head. Put the 43 fastest cars on the track every weekend. No provisionals or anything else that gives the incumbents an advantage. The way it is now the cars that are locked in kick back in practice and work on race setup. They make a couple of qualifying test runs. The go or go homers are killing themselves just to qualify and then they have to figure out a race setup and convert their car to that. … Qualifying to me has always meant you are earning the right to be in the race. Right now in NASCAR it does not mean that.

Richard Lewis
Riverside, Calif.

I think it's fair to say Richard just summed up what a lot of you are thinking.

All of my racing companions are of the same opinion that the only difference between NASCAR and WWF is that the WWF amazingly puts on a better show. I hope that someone awakens the Frances's to the fact that they are destroying the sport. Such a Shame.

Keith Spolz
Fallbrook, Calif.

It's difficult to believe that Roger Penske would not be able to find solid sponsorship for Hornish without the point swap, but by allowing Penske to lock in Hornish, he keeps a guy like Boris Said, who can clearly race with the "big boys," from EARNING a big name sponsor.

Dennis Zimmerman
Lancaster, Pa.

Great point, Dennis. By the way, if I were a sponsor, I'd be lining up to sign Boris. The Said Heads are just waiting to be unleashed.

The problem I have with nascar allowing Hornish Jr. automatic entry is that we start the season with our biggest race of the year. Nothing against Hornish but there are what, 5 or 6 drivers that have won on super speedways that are not guaranteed starting positions?

Kevin Newby
Tampa, Fla.

It's not a matter of if, but whose spot Hornish takes at Daytona. It's gonna happen, and it very well could be someone like Boris Said.

Throw out the top 35 rule and swapping points. Show up for qualifying and if ya don't make the field ya better be on your game next week. I might even buy a ticket for qualifying besides the race.

Janesville, Wisc.

Count me as a D.O.A. NASCAR fan. I no longer watch races. Who cares about the "Big One". I'm waiting for the "Train Wreck" when the whole sham comes crashing down on Brian France, his ilk and the rest of the corporate whores.

Zach Hall
Kaiserslautern, Germany

It's tough finding a bar in Europe that will air a NASCAR race. When I lived in Dublin, it took me a couple of hours to find a bar owner willing to flip on the Daytona 500. I'm guessing Zach's not willing to go to those lengths anymore.

My God! There is actually someone out there that thinks NASCAR has MESSED UP! I grew up in the shadows of Atlanta Raceway, lived my young years watching the old greats race there. While in my older years I've been able to get involved in racing as a driver and owner, I've at the same time found myself so disgusted with NASCAR that I could care less about their races (well, maybe Bristol is an exception). NASCAR says that drivers and teams are independent contractors, and as such are responsible for their own retirement, sponsors etc. Frankly, I remember way back when, that there were no freebees given. I have an idea. The starting grid should be based on qualifying times only. Do away with the lucky dog. What crap that is. Do away with the chase thing. Guarantee only the top 10 from last season a start at Daytona, no more, and their position will be based on qualifying time. Then there's the COT. While safety should be the most important factor, why not put competition back into racing. Get rid of the wing, limit a rear spoiler to 3 inches, any angle you want, a 3-inch front spoiler, and stock manufacturer body measurements. There is no Toyota/Ford/Chevy anymore. They may as well be racing Legends cars.

Jerry Waller
Wasilla, Alaska

WHAT ABOUT DALE? ("VVVIPs only" Dec. 12, 2007)

How in the world can anybody in there right mind, want to put Dale SR. in the first group that goes into the knew HOF? I have been going to races since 1969 and trust me the man is overrated. Other than tying Richard Petty with 7 Championship he only had one other accomplishment. He sold more junk than anybody else. The first group should be Bill France Sr., Lee and Richard Petty, David Pearson and Cale Yarbough. And as far AS THESE DUMB PEOPLE voting Dale Jr. to get into the hall, they don't have a clue. P.S.: You can use my last name if you print this.

Mark Shortt
Dover, Del.

You're right, Mark, voting Dale Jr. into the Hall of Fame right now isn't a smart decision. But be careful who you're calling dumb. You did, after all, refer to it as the "knew" HOF.

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