KHL coach throws bottle, hits player, gets ejected (Video)

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Alexei Kudashov was not a happy Kontinental Hockey League coach.

His Lokomotiv team was down 2-0 in their Gagarin Cup series against SKA. Tensions were already high on Monday when the teams faced off again.

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In the second period, something – perhaps a crushing hit against one of his players in the attacking zone moments earlier – enraged him. Seeing as how a coach’s options in such situations are to (a) scream a string of profanities at the on-ice officials or (b) throw something from the bench like a petulant toddler, Kudashov’s choices for recourse were limited.

He chose Option ‘B.’

As you can see about 40 seconds into this video, Kudashov slams a water bottle on the ice in disgust. Ice having the properties of, well, ice, it slid over and made contact with an opposing player. So he didn’t technically throw the water bottle at a player, but he hit a player with a water bottle, if we’re arguing semantics.

The best part of the video is the immediate aftermath of the incident, when his assistant coach is all “it me!” and the referees aren’t buying him falling in his sword for his head coach.

Lokomotiv was given a two-minute bench minor and Kudashov was ejected. Before he left, he write down what we assume was his Slack username on a sheet of paper so his assistants could keep in touch during the game.

Didn’t matter: Lokomotiv lost, 2-1 in overtime, to go down 3-0 in the conference final series.

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