Kevon Seymour Would Love to See Adoree' Jackson in USC's Improved Secondary

Evan Budrovich
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USC's secondary would certainly benefit adding an impact player.

For all the talk surrounding where to play five-star athlete Adoree' Jackson during his freshman season, presumed starting cornerback Kevon Seymour would love to add another stud play maker on the defensive side of the ball.

"Heck ya, of course. Especially defense because he’s just an athlete," Seymour said following Thursday's practice. "He will do his thing with the offense and stuff like that —because he is a superior athlete— But I would love to see him work on defense."

While the coaching staff continues to shuffle the duck with their talented athlete, Jackson has seen an increased workload over the last few practices. Starting camp strictly on offense, swiftly sliding over to cornerback last week, all while accumulating a steady diet of work on special team; Adoree's been very busy from day one.

Basically everyone has a dream of utilizing Jackson, and Seymour feels much the same.

"He would break on some routes, run with some receivers down the field and maybe get an interception —or a few this year," the junior cornerback suggests. "(If) He just tighten up his technique he'll be alright. We all just have to tighten up our technique."

Even the mere idea of playing Jackson on defense sounds rather enticing to one of the major leaders in the secondary. Seymour started 11 games last season, but was slowed during the first week of training camp with a minor stomach flu.

The Trojans secondary, which was a major question mark early last season, has continued to improve dating back to the start of spring football thanks to the infusion of hands-on position coach Keith Heyward.

"He's (Keith Heyward) a real technician, real technician" Seymour points out, adding, "In individuals, we just focus on technique-technique-technique. So we work a different technique every day, sometimes we might go over the same thing. But then we get back in the film room and we watch stuff like that."

Some of the main contributors joining the cause are redshirt senior Josh Shaw and much-improved Chris Hawkins, who has been an absolute blessing to watch develop over the past year according to his buddy Kevon Seymour.

Facing a rather diverse group of wide receivers in practice, the secondary has been tasked an interesting challenge prepping them for the upcoming season.

"We got great receivers, so its only making us better," Seymour confidently said. "We got a great group of cornerbacks and we are continuing to get better."

Along with the starters, plenty of newcomers give the Trojans reason for optimism. "No pressure on us at all," Seymour says. "We got a pretty good crop of corners, especially with guys like Lamont Simmons and Jonathan Lockett and even John Plattenburg, they catch on and (are) coming along. We gonna be good."

Whether or not the coaching staff end up playing Adoree' Jackson on defense this season, the entire defense would love the added luxury; whenever that time comes about.

Kevon Seymour Would Love to See Adoree' Jackson in USC's Improved Secondary

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