Kevin Sumlin should not leave Texas A&M for USC

Greg Gabriel

There have been reports all over the internet today that Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin is the man that USC wants to be their next head football coach. While I can understand that USC would want Sumlin, he is a top coach, an excellent recruiter, and a great ambassador for the program, I don’t think for a minute that Sumlin should even consider the idea.

Why? Not too many years ago, USC, as well as Alabama, Texas, and Notre Dame were considered the top college coaching jobs in the country. USC is no longer in the mix. In the last 10 years, the USC job has become tarnished. There have been multiple recruiting scandals as well as bad publicity. Not only is USC no longer one of the top programs in the country, it is no longer the top program in L.A. UCLA now carries that distinction. UCLA does not have the history of the USC program, but today, it is a superior program with superior facilities.

USC opened a new football facility in 2012, but as nice as that is, it can’t compare to many of the facilities around the country. Texas A&M’s facility is far superior. On top of that, the USC campus is not in Bel Air like UCLA’s. It’s on the border of south central L.A., not one of the nicest spots in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

In a short time, Kevin Sumlin has built the Texas A&M program into one of the better programs in the SEC. In today’s college football landscape, the SEC is THE conference. Top to bottom, it is the strongest conference in the country. Last year, Texas A&M moved from the Big 12 to the SEC, and that was great for the program. They get to compete with the top programs in the country on a weekly basis. Texas A&M has passed Texas as the best program in the football crazy state.

There have been reports that USC could double Sumlin’s $3,000,000 salary. Don’t think for a minute that A&M couldn’t match that if they so desired. I have been to USC and Texas A&M many times over the years. If I had a choice between living in L.A. or College Station, the decision is easy. Los Angeles is a rat race. The State of California is in financial ruins, the taxes are high, the cost of living is high and traffic is unbearable. I'd choose College Station.

Kevin Sumlin has become one of the top coaches in college football today. He can just about write his own ticket. If he were to leave Texas A&M, the only reason should be to take an NFL job. There are few college coaching jobs in America better than the one he has at Texas A&M. Going to USC would not be a step up or a lateral move. It would be a downward move. Sumlin would be selling himself short.

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