Kerri Walsh Jennings is obsessed with Leslie Jones' Olympic tweets

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RIO DE JANEIRO – While Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross were rolling through their preliminary match against China in beach volleyball on Monday night, the Rio Olympics’ unlikeliest super-fan was offering her analysis on Twitter.

Leslie Jones, the “Saturday Night Live” cast member and Ghostbuster, has been a viral sensation during the Games with her series of short videos on every sport from swimming to handball, accompanied by hilariously unfiltered commentary that vacillates between genuine befuddlement over obscure sports and patriotic declarations of victory.

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Like this, from the straight sets volleyball win from Walsh Jennings and Ross in Copacabana:

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about when ya’ll talkin’ about women ain’t warriors. We’re warriors, you guys. And we’ve been warriors, and we’ll stay warriors. THAT’S RIGHT!” said Jones.

Walsh Jennings was honored. She’s been a fan since the Americans’ opening match on, appropriately, Saturday night.

“I couldn’t sleep after the last match. Someone was like, ‘You need to go to Leslie Jones’s Twitter’ She kept me up for an hour,” said Walsh Jennings.

“Is that the one you were talking about?” asked Ross.

“Yes. I was dying. I wanted everyone to listen to it, but you need earmuffs, because she’s so into it,” said Walsh Jennings, in reference to some of Jones’s gloriously profane commentaries. “But I love her. She’s perfect to me. I can’t wait to see what she came up with today.”

Needless to say, Jones was impressed with their effort.

Walsh Jennings and Ross moved to 2-0 in the tournament’s pool play, winning 2-0 (21-16, 21-9) against China’s Wang Fan and Yue Yuan. It was their second straight midnight match, so perhaps Walsh Jennings is looking at another night on Leslie Jones’s feed before bedtime.

Of course, they might end up hearing her commentary in person. NBC announced that Jones is headed to Rio to join their Olympic coverage thanks to her social media commentary.

Walsh Jennings said her appeal isn’t just based in her comedy, but in her every-woman approach to the Olympics. She’s speaking as a fan, and from the heart.

“I feel like she’s sees the best in every sport. She sees our power and she sees that we’re warriors out here, and what we want to exude. A lot of people dismiss her in sports but she’s just embracing it,” said Walsh Jennings.


You give love, Leslie Jones, and you get love back.

Walsh Jennings and Ross finish up pool play against the Swiss at on Wednesday night.

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