Kendall, Jets at odds

Jason Cole
Yahoo! Sports

New York Jets management and guard Pete Kendall continue to be engaged in a somewhat silly game of irritating each other, according to several people in and around the team.

Ultimately, two sources said, Kendall isn't expected to be cut until Sept. 1, the final roster cutdown before the regular season. According to one player, the feeling is that the Jets don't want to give Kendall any extra time to get acclimated to a new team, especially in the strong likelihood that Kendall will sign with the Dolphins.

Kendall irritated Jets coach Eric Mangini earlier this week when he canceled a mandatory lifting session the Jets had scheduled for Saturday after playing Minnesota in an exhibition game.

Kendall, who also is the team's player rep for the NFL Players Association, pointed out to Mangini that the team had not received enough mandatory off days in the early part of training camp. Kendall then pushed the point by demanding that Mangini announce the day off before the Minnesota game rather than allowing Mangini to make the day off seem like a reward for excellent effort.

The Jets countered by forcing Kendall to play center during the game against the Vikings. Kendall has told Jets management numerous times that he does not want to play center again after subbing at the spot in 2005 when Kevin Mawae was injured.

Kendall, who is entering his 12th season, expressed annoyance earlier in the week when he worked at center in practice. On Friday, he botched two snaps, including one that led to a defensive touchdown for the Vikings.

All this is a continuation of a long-running feud between the Jets and Kendall over his request for an additional $1 million in base salary for this season. New York declined the request, prompting an angry response from Kendall, who twice has renegotiated his contract to help the Jets against the salary cap. Kendall is scheduled to earn $1.7 million in base salary this season, although he likely will earn much more if he is released because many teams have so much cap room.

Kendall has been outspoken in his criticism of the team. In turn, the Jets put Kendall in the rookie dorm at the beginning of training camp. Kendall also had to play with the second unit on offense in the exhibition opener and has played in the second half of both exhibition games, a relatively unheard of practice for a player with Kendall's resume.

Despite that, Kendall helped backup quarterback Kellen Clemens audible on a play call in the exhibition opener, leading to a touchdown pass by Clemens.

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