Kate Upton goes on colorful Twitter rant after Justin Verlander barely loses Cy Young award

In one of the craziest award votes in recent memory, Boston Red Sox right-hander Rick Porcello won the American League Cy Young award despite receiving six fewer first-place votes than runner-up Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers. The stunning result was announced during Wednesday’s Baseball Writers’ Association of America Cy Young award show on MLB Network, and it was immediately met with criticism from every angle.

Among the first and most vocal (or as vocal as one can be on Twitter) was Verlander’s fiancée Kate Upton. The world famous model unleashed a string of tweets that were profane in nature, but delivered one consistent message.

Her man got screwed by the system!

Kate Upton is not one bit pleased her fiancee didn't win the AL Cy Young award.
Kate Upton is not one bit pleased her fiancee didn’t win the AL Cy Young award.

As per BBWAA protocol, two writers are selected to represent each AL and NL city, with each voting on their own league’s award. To answer Upton’s question, the two writers to leave Verlander completely off the ballot were Fred Goodall of the Associated Press and Bill Chastain of MLB.com, both of whom were representing Tampa Bay..

That knowledge didn’t end her rant though. It only fueled it further.

Porcello actually received eight first-place votes, which was second among the vote-getters. He made up the difference in part by receiving 18 second-place votes to Verlander’s two. Verlander’s two omissions were big too, but weren’t the deal breaker. Verlander needed six points to pass Porcello, meaning a pair of fourth- or fifth-place votes would have left him short.


And still, the rant continued.

That’s a heavy-handed accusation, but this is clearly all fueled by frustration and disappointment. It’s understandable too under the circumstances. We’ve rarely seen voting this scattered when it comes to an MLB award.

We knew this award would be close. What we didn’t anticipate was Verlander becoming the first AL players to receive the most first-place votes for the Cy Young award without winning it.

He got no respect, we tell you. No respect at all.

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