Kam Can’t Jump Anymore, Boykin Tweets Response to Arrest and More Seahawks Notes 3/28/17

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This is the time of year when National Football League fans deal with a bit of what is real, but is not, and a lot of nonsense, yet could happen. A few of these are important to Seattle Seahawks followers. Here are a few for Tuesday, along with some links to read more.

Today league owners voted against a joint Seahawks-Buffalo Bills rule proposal that would have allowed the Seahawks (and the Bills, for that matter) to score every time Seattle or Buffalo has the ball. I believe I am correct in stating that.

(Actually, Assistant Editor and Fact-checking Ubermensch Todd Vandenberg has corrected me. What I was supposed to say is that league owners have voted down a Seahawks-Bills joint proposal that would have made it legal to review any play that resulted in a penalty or could have possibly resulted in a penalty. Which, if one views this theoretically, is every single play. The owners are trying to shorten games and must have thought the idea absurd. Or they just hate the Seahawks – no one hates the Bills, right?. Either way, the measure failed and was swept into oblivion.)

Seahawks center Justin Britt held the final day of his three-day youth camp. According to Britt, “It went good.” The camp involved Washington state youth and took place at Bellevue High School. Some current and former Seahawks who attended the camp to offer advice to the young peeps were C.J. Prosise, Tyler Lockett, Joey Hunt, George Fant and Mark Glowinski.

Britt grew as a leader on the offensive line in 2016 and was near-Pro Bowl quality after only one year at the center position. Britt should only continue to be the anchor in Seattle. He more and more ingratiates himself into the Seattle-area community. He is 25 years old. The time for Seattle to sign Britt to a long-term and team-friendly contract is now.


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After Monday morning’s early hour arrest, Trevone Boykin sent this tweet…

Possibly not the best tweet for Boykin to respond to an arrest with. It offers more questions than answers. For a player assumed and hoped to be a perennial backup by Seahawks fans, the tweet was probably not the wisest choice in a response.

News around the N.F.L.

One of the league rules changed at the owners meetings involved defensive players now not being allowed to jump the line during extra points and field goal attempts while trying to block kicks. The Seahawks have done this several times over the last couple of years in plays involving linebacker Bobby Wagner and safety Kam Chancellor. These two players expressed their disapproval to the change, according to CBS Sports.

Other notable words

Stephen Cohen of Seattle PI writes more on the NFL blocking the kick attempts.

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