Jurors won't be sequestered; Sandusky trial could begin Monday

Potential jurors in the Jerry Sandusky trial took in-home surveys to hasten the selection process this week before arriving at the Centre County Courthouse for selection interviews Tuesday.

Jurors were informed they will not be sequestered during the trial. However, sequestration can be ordered during the trial if it become necessary in the court's opinion.

The pool of at least 215 prospective jurors was informed the state would like to begin the trial by Monday. They'll meet with the judge and trial attorneys separately and go through group sessions.

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All jurors answered the questions and more than 375 were eliminated in the pre-trial screening.

Judge John Cleland wants the jury to be made up of Centre County residents.

Most of Sandusky's alleged acts of abuse took place in the county, where Sandusky resides.