Jose Canseco hit a taco-shaped piñata, started a stampede

Seth Rosenthal

Everybody wants that Canseco-blasted candy.

As a precursor to a taco-themed Fresno Grizzlies promotion, Jose Canseco showed up and gave his best home run slug to a taco-shaped piñata:

Emphasis on "shaped" because I need you to note that this is not a taco piñata, which is a separate, mythical, and wonderful concept.

Note the desperation with which human adults pounce on that candy. It's not just any candy. It's CANSECO-BLASTEDTM candy, and that's special.

While we're here, the Hunter Pence jokes have officially jumped the shark, or "adorned the Canseco," as they say in the biz:

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