John Cena on heel turn: I do what WWE tells me

Sean Rueter
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You never know where you'll get some juicy quotes from, Cagesiders.

The General pointed out the attached YouTube video, which features noted weightlifting fiend John Cena working out with powerlifting mogul Mark Bell.  If bench pressing is also your thing, check out the whole video.  But if you're just here for pro wrestling, we've watched it for you.  And about the 1:40 mark, Bell and Cena have an interesting discussion:

Bell: Waiting for you to turn on everybody.

Cena: Never happen.

Bell: C'mon.

Cena: Never happen.

Bell: C'mon.

Cena: Not a chance.  Nope.

Bell: C'mon.  You got it in you.

Cena: Oh, I got it in me, sure.  I do what they tell me, boss.  Never happen.

Bell and a partner pitch "the champ" on the inevitability of a heel turn, making many of the same arguments you often here on the internet.  It would be the biggest thing in the history of wrestling.  They'll do it to get a few more years out of him before he retires.

Cena is adamant, and makes the Trading Places bet of one dollar with each of the guys that he'll never turn heel in WWE.

So, add that to the discussion file concerning whether or not the biggest Superstar of the 21st century will ever officially join the dark side.  With theories all over the board about how WWE will book his rematch against current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar next month at Night of the Champions, this is as timely as ever.

Cena has long insisted that he didn't want to turn heel.  Now, he's saying WWE doesn't want him to.  And, of course, if he was going to stop playing a babyface, isn't that exactly what he would say?

Anything here that changes your opinion, Cagesiders?

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