Joey Logano says Kyle Busch wanted Logano's car data from Vegas incident

Joey Logano and Kyle Busch met at the NASCAR hauler on Friday, less than a week after Busch went after Logano following Sunday’s race at Las Vegas.

Logano tried to drive under Busch in the final two turns of the last lap and his car didn’t stick on the bottom line. His car slid up the track and into Busch’s, causing Busch’s No. 18 to spin onto pit road.

Upon exiting his car, Busch waited for Logano to arrive on pit road and walked to his car. Busch then threw a punch at Logano before he was tackled by Logano’s crew.

According to Jeff Gluck, Logano said after Friday’s meeting that he brought telemetry data to the meeting upon Busch’s request to show that he didn’t intentionally try to crash Busch. From

“I was able to show him that and it was pretty clear, in my opinion, what happened,” Logano said. ” I hope he was able to see that and know I was sincere about it.

“The only thing I can do at this point was to plead my case and say, ‘Hey, it was an honest mistake, it was hard racing at the end.’”

For his part, Busch said “Everything is great.” We can all attempt to decipher just how much sarcasm was laden in his remark.

NASCAR didn’t penalize anyone from Sunday’s altercation and has done what it can to deter any on-track retaliation by Busch. In addition to its stern word of warning both publicly and privately, the sanctioning body can also point to a two-race suspension of Matt Kenseth in 2015 when Kenseth retaliated against Logano and piledrove his car into the wall.

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