Joel Berry Thursday Update

Andrew Jones, Publisher
Tar Heel Illustrated


PHOENIX – UNC basketball coach Roy Williams gave an injury update Thursday on junior point guard Joel Berry, who is nursing two sprained ankles.

Here is what Williams said at University of Phoenix Stadium:

“He did nothing full court today. If we go back and he feels good tonight, we might let him do full court tomorrow. But I can't let him play on Saturday if he can't do something full court because we do playful court (laughter). If you can't do anything up and down, then I can't let him play.

“But he wanted to do more today. Between Doug and myself -- in fact, he didn't do -- he did fast break drills number one and three. So that's three minutes. He did defensive group work. So that's seven minutes. He did under OB defensive work. That's four minutes. So that's 11. So you're talking about 14 minutes. And he substituted out some of that. So he didn't break a real sweat, that kind of thing. But we hope to get more out of him tomorrow.”

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