Jim Grobe disputes Baylor's statement about dismissal of DL Jeremy Faulk

Baylor is off to a 5-0 start in 2016 under acting head coach Jim Grobe. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
Baylor is off to a 5-0 start in 2016 under acting head coach Jim Grobe. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

The divide between the Baylor administration and Baylor football staff seems to be widening.

On Monday, Baylor assistant coaches all tweeted out the hashtag #TRUTHDONTLIE along with a screenshot of a story involving Jeremy Faulk, a junior college transfer who was removed from the team and eventually taken off scholarship.

Faulk arrived at Baylor in January but was taken off the roster in June after being accused of sexual assault. Faulk said the sex was consensual and the woman did not pursue charges. Still, Faulk was kept off the team and eventually had his scholarship taken away.

After a news story about Faulk’s situation (which said Faulk won an appeal to have his scholarship reinstated) came out late last week, Baylor maintained it was acting head coach Jim Grobe’s decision to remove Faulk from the team.

“Contrary to recently reported misinformation, Jeremy Faulk was removed from the football program on June 3 based upon violations of the University and Athletic Department Code of Conduct,” a statement from Baylor executive associate athletic director Nick Joos said.

“The action to remove Jeremy from the football team was taken by the Interim Director of Athletics and Acting Head Football Coach, and did not require other Executive Council members nor Title IX staff involvement. Participation on any Baylor Athletics team is a privilege and not a right. Removing someone from that privilege is not “illegal” as has been stated. It is important to also note that Baylor University follows all NCAA rules relative to the scholarship appeals process for its student-athletes.”

Grobe has said it was his call to suspend Faulk while the investigation unfolded, but the coach told KWTX Monday the decision to dismiss Faulk from the team came from administrators.

From KWTX:

Grobe later called KWTX to say that while he and the athletic director decided to remove Faulk from the team temporarily during the investigation, they did not make the decision to kick him off the team and strip him of his scholarship.

Sources told KWTX that Grobe made the call after a number of assistant coaches complained that the football staff was tired of taking the heat for a decision that was made by administrators. Sources with direct knowledge of the situation told KWTX earlier that Grobe was directed by administrators to kick Faulk off the team.

Once Grobe’s side of the story made its way to the public, his entire staff tweeted #TRUTHDONTLIE.

You may remember that hashtag as one Art Briles liked to use before he was ousted as head coach after the investigation into Baylor’s handling of sexual assault accusations, including several football players. Briles infamously tweeted it while touting his program’s academic successes a few days after sexual assault allegations emerged about a few of his former players.

Meanwhile, Joos told ESPN.com Monday night that the tweets from the assistant coaches have been “handled internally.”

“We’re not going to comment any further on it,” Joos said. “We’ve handled that here tonight.”

With Grobe, the former Wake Forest head coach, replacing Briles, Baylor is 5-0 and ranked No. 11 in the country. The Bears play Kansas on the road on Saturday.

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