JH Tevis on Why He Committed to Cal Now, What's Next?

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report

JH Tevis

In case you missed it, Cal has a new commit in the Menlo School defensive end JH Tevis. Tevis committed to the Bears about a month after receiving his Cal offer. The 6'5", 227 lb Tevis only had the Cal offer, but he decided that this was the one he wanted, sealing the deal and shutting down his recruitment.

"I’ve been talking to my family the last week," Tevis said. "I’ve thought about it very seriously, and I just decided I wanted today to be the day, there’s no more sense in waiting. I knew this was what I wanted to do."

What he wanted to do was a bit at odds with the school choice of his father, who played on the offensive line for the Stanford Cardinal overthree decades ago. Tevis feels that his dad will be ok with the move though.

"He’s very excited, but he’s making the switch to Cal," Tevis noted. When asked about potentially go through some of his dad's wardrobe and throwing away some red shirts, Tevis laughed and said, "I will, I definitely will. I already bought him some shirts."

The sack leader for the state of California last year decided to tell Justin Wilcox that he was committing in person today, saying "I went up today, I just came up in between (pro day and practice) so I could see some of the guys, and I left right as practice started. I talked to the whole defensive staff and they said ‘we’re excited’ and that they’re happy I made the decision."

Tevis is doing one very smart thing in shutting down his recruitment.

"Oh yeah, I’m deleting my twitter and moving on," Tevis said.

The recruiting process wasn't something that Tevis seemed to particularly enjoy, from an outsider's perspective. But now that he's done, he's happy to leave it with a few words.

"You know, this is obviously a big part of a football player’s life," Tevis opined. "and I’m just lucky. Luckily, it’s over for me, and from now on I’m focusing on football and school."

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