Jessica Alba will make your baby the biggest sports fan around

Jessica Alba’s company launched a diaper line aimed at baseball fans. (AP/MLB)
Jessica Alba’s company launched a diaper line aimed at baseball fans. (AP/MLB)

Sports fandom begins early. Even before you’re able to formulate thoughts, you’re being influenced to cheer for a certain club. Some of that comes from your parents, who want you to root for the same team they support. Some of it simply comes from seeing a certain team and their logo from a young age.

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But recent technologic advances have made it more difficult to ensure your child adopts the same rooting interest you had growing up. With MLB.TV, it’s incredibly easy to watch any team. What if one of your kid’s friends mentions Clayton Kershaw at school and your child wants to watch the Los Angeles Dodgers? If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, that could be disastrous. Or what if you move? There’s no way your daughter is going to root for the Seattle Mariners just because they are your local team. Not when you grew up a Texas Rangers fan.

Thanks to Jessica Alba, there’s no need to worry. Now you can influence your child to root for your terrible team before they can even walk with some MLB-branded diapers.

If you root for one of these six teams, you’re in luck. (MLB)
If you root for one of these six teams, you’re in luck. (MLB)

Major League Baseball has partnered with Honest Company, which Alba co-founded, to bring parents diapers featuring logos from six different clubs. Those teams are the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants are a fitting choice considering how often they soiled themselves in the ninth inning last year.

If you’re determined make sure your child roots for the same miserable franchise you support, you’ll want to head down to your local Target. Target is the exclusive retailer of Honest diapers through May 1. Other stores won’t be able to carry them until after that date.

While you might usually expect to pay more for a piece of clothing featuring an MLB logo, that’s not the case here. The cost of Honest diapers is comparable to the more well-known brands, like Huggies or Pampers, according to AdWeek.

Hey, you shouldn’t be the only one to suffer just because your parents root for an inept franchise. Pass on that tradition early by purchasing some MLB-branded diapers for your child.

While some might consider that cruel and unusual, just be thankful the New York Mets aren’t an option yet. No baby deserves to grow up a Mets fan.

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