Jeremy Roenick rips NY DMV after being in ‘jail cell with cokeheads’

On Jan. 25, Jeremy Roenick made an illegal turn while headed to a New York Rangers game in New York City. But the traffic stop became something more than routine when the police discovered his driving privileges in the state had been suspended, and they arrested him at Sixth Ave. and W. 23rd Street, according to the Daily News.

In true Dept. of Motor Vehicles fashion, this appears to have been a giant goof-up. The state was sending notices to an address Roenick hadn’t lived at since 1989(!) and then got on him for not alerting the state to his new address. He told Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday that there was no mention of an additional fine for suspended privilages when he paid a speeding ticket in Westchester County a year ago, for example.

On Monday, Roenick appeared in court, paid his ticket and a $163 feed to the court clerk, according to the New York Daily News. And that was that.

The NBC Sports analyst then expressed his frustration to the News about the ordeal, including the stunning admission that he was stuck in a room filled with cokeheads for perhaps the first time since his retirement from the NHL:

“The stupidity of what I’m doing is beyond,” he said, shaking his head by the clerk’s window. “I’m out $750. Not only my time. Plus I got arrested. Plus I sat in a jail cell with cokeheads. Plus I sat in the courtroom with real criminals. I’ve never been arrested before in my life!” he fumed.

“Why do I give a f— if the DMV knows where I live or not. I don’t live in New York! Do I have to call every other state’s DMV?” Virginia man brings five wheelbarrows full of pennies to DMV

… “I get arrested, it gets put on my record. Fines. Fees. Times. Now I’m here on the taxpayer’s money doing something I shouldn’t have to do because these a–holes don’t know what the f— they’re doing!”

We’ve had our differences with Roenick through the years, but let’s stand with him in solidarity as he declares that the DMV sucks.

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