Jawon Hamilton: 'We're looking real good out there'

Brandon Helwig, Publisher
UCF Sports


Running back Jawon Hamilton says the #UCFast offense is hitting its stride this spring.

As one of several freshmen thrust into prominent roles, the Miami native says last season was a learning experience. The Knights struggled for offensive consistency, but Hamilton believes people will see a big turnaround come this fall.

"The thing about last year is that it was a learning year," Hamilton said. "Now we know. Now we're able to take our game to the next level and it's showing. We're looking real good out there.

"First of all, the offensive line has made a big jump from last year. It's amazing. They got bigger, faster and stronger. They're doing everything how they're supposed to. The running backs are hitting the holes. The receivers are catching the ball. The quarterbacks are throwing it. We're looking like a team right now."

Sharing the load with senior Dontavious Wilson, Hamilton led UCF with 495 yards on 139 carries with four touchdowns.

"I've had a couple big runs this spring because of those guys up front," Hamilton said. "When they do what they do and I do my part, that's a big play. That's all there is to it."

Hamilton also feels like a different player. He estimates that he's added around 12 or 13 pounds to his frame since his arrival.

"I give credit to Coach (Zach) Duval and the weight room staff," Duval said. "They said they were going to do it. Obviously I can see it. I'm about 198 right now. Last year I was probably 187, 186, somewhere around there. Everyone is looking better. I've even told the offensive line, when I line up behind them, they look different. They look even bigger. It's crazy because we're all young too and we're going to be together for the next two or three years. It's going to be amazing."

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