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Yahoo! Sports: Matt Leinart interview


9:55 p.m. EDT

Leinart, Cards finally make a deal

Quarterback Matt Leinart, the last of the 2006 draft's unsigned first-round picks, reached an agreement with the Arizona Cardinals on a six-year contract that includes a $14 million signing bonus and a maximum value of $51 million, agent Tom Condon said Monday night.

Leinart was the No. 10 overall pick by Arizona, but missed two weeks of training camp because of the long-running contract talks.

"We're happy to be done and Matt's happy," Condon said.

The agreement came only hours after Arizona coach Denny Green had made comments critical of Leinart for holding out.

However, Condon said he was unaware of Green's comments and that the impasse was resolved after the team changed its position on how Leinart could achieve a number of incentive clauses.

Condon declined to reveal any of the clauses, but he said Leinart could achieve some increased salary by meeting a play-time standard in only one of his first three seasons.

The Cardinals had at one time asked that in order for Leinart to reach the first level salary increase he had to play either 60 percent of the downs in his first four seasons, 70 percent in 2007, 2008 and 2009 or 80 percent in 2008 and 2009.