Jake Plummer hoping interactive tool will be Rosetta Stone of football X's and O's

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Jake Plummer is promoting new software that he hopes can make football playbooks more easily understandable. (AP)
Jake Plummer is promoting new software that he hopes can make football playbooks more easily understandable. (AP)

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer is involved with a project that can help make the sometimes complicated language of football more easily understood.

According to sporttechie.com, Plummer is involved with ReadyList PRO — a resource that he thinks could be the Rosetta Stone of football terminology.

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“There had to be a better way to digest a four-inch playbook,” Plummer told the site.

Plummer, who played 10 years with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos from 1997 to 2006, and co-founder Chad Friehauf, a former quarterback at Colorado School of Mines in the early 2000s, wanted to provide a quicker, more efficient way for football players to absorb voluminous playbooks, sometimes in very short time spans. Certainly for NFL players who sign with new teams during the season, studying massive new playbooks could be troublesome endeavors. But having a resource to speed up the learning process might be beneficial to high-school and college players who are struggling to understand complex football concepts and lexicon.

The software can be used on almost any device — phone, tablet, laptop, etc. — and can work as acts as both an interactive football playbook and a coaching tool to test players’ understanding of plays. Practice and game film can be uploaded onto the cloud-based software and studied anywhere away from the team facility.

“It can help a lot of these players compete at a higher level, play faster and hold them accountable because the coaches know who are the ones taking the time to study the playbook and get better,” Plummer said.

Although they have not built up a client list that includes NFL teams yet, that’s the goal for Plummer and Friehauf. And if it proves to be useful in testing, it might not be long before that happens.

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