Jacoby Ellsbury ‘stinks’ and is the ‘worstest player,’ says 4-year-old Red Sox fan (Video)

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As you know, Jacoby Ellsbury switched sides in the Boston Red Sox/New York Yankees rivalry. Ellsbury is a Yankee now, and he had $153 million reasons to defect to the Bronx.

Look, Red Sox fans are angry. Logically they probably shouldn't be. The Red Sox didn't offer Ellsbury as much money, so he followed the money. It's not an uncommon thing. But fans don't always think logically. Being a fan is about passion and an unbreakable allegiance to a team. Therefore, being a fan hurts sometimes.

That's led Red Sox fans to burn Ellsbury jerseys and call him a "trader." It's also broken the heart of at least one 4-year-old who used to call Ellsbury his favorite player.

As YouTube uploader Kim Darragh describes:

I wake the little guy up and tell him the news about Jacoby.. My son tells me he "can't go to school today because he's too sad that Jacoby Ellsbury plays for the yankees because the yankees stink" the fact that my 4 year old cried over his favorite player going to play for the yankees........ Awesome. I'm obviously doing something right hahaha YANKEES SUCK

We'll give the kid this much: If he's able to get a day off from school because Ellsbury went to the Yankees, he's a smooth operator. He'll be just fine.

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