J.R. Smith celebrated his half-court shot as if it was going in ... but it was an air ball (Video)

If there is one thing that Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith absolutely, positively, 100 percent does not lack, it’s self-confidence. At times, that can be a blessing. At other times, it can be just the opposite.

The final shot of the third quarter in Cleveland’s first-round playoff game against the Indiana Pacers fits in the latter category. Smith took a pass from Richard Jefferson in the backcourt with about three seconds remaining, took two dribbles, and let fly.

And then celebrated … while the ball flew well wide of the rim:

As Mike Breen said on the call: “Way off.” Smith tried to play it off by swerving to the side, turning around and clapping his hands as if nothing happened. But the mini-celebration didn’t go unnoticed.

This wasn’t quite Kemba Walker’s shimmy …

… Nor was it Swaggy P’s infamous premature celebration …

But especially because it was J.R. Smith, it was pretty comical.

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