iVend Retail Releases Optical Retail Vertical Solution Focusing on Efficiency and Competiveness


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 15, 2016) - CitiXsys announces the release of a new version of iVend Optical Retail, an integrated retail management solution designed specifically for the unique needs of optical retailers. 

Faced with shrinking margins and increasing competition from the eCommerce world, optical retailers are focusing on customer service to increase their competitive edge. Personalized customer service is one way brick-and-mortar retailers are differentiating themselves by demonstrating the services they offer cannot be duplicated online.

For optical retailers, operating a business that provides vision prescriptions as well as fashion frames, prescription lenses, contacts, and plano sunglasses can be a challenge. iVend Optical Retail gives optical retailers the tools they need to efficiently and profitably do both. This solution helps retailers manage technical data related to lenses, frames, and contact lenses and link them to customers' prescriptions. iVend Optical Retail also provides analytics reports that track fashion trends and aid with stocking the right style, color, and size assortment, and review transactions by prescription vs. nonprescription.

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"Optical retailers face growing competition from department stores, discount stores, and online vendors. To stay competitive, they need to leverage their own data to better understand customers and their buying patterns," Paula Da Silva, Senior VP of Sales for CitiXsys, explains. "iVend Optical Retail gives this visibility, as well as tools to manage their businesses more efficiently and profitably."

iVend Optical Retail includes seven integrated software modules: iVend Enterprise, iVend POS, iVend Mobile POS, iVend eCommerce, iVend Loyalty, iVend Passes, and iVend Reporting and Analytics. This end-to-end retail, omnichannel-ready management application allows integration of in-store retail with back office processes and an online storefront. Its data synchronization feature permits up-to-date, accurate reports including lab orders, stock status, sales, delivery, and open orders. 

To help you get the most out of your retail management system investment, iVend Optical Retail is designed to scale along with your business. Interoperable APIs facilitate integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other financial applications, and the software's extensibility kit (SDK) enables retailers to incorporate their unique processes into the application without impacting upgrades or updates.

iVend Optical Retail provides optical retailers with the opportunity to lower operating and inventory costs and to manage their business more efficiently through iVend Retail. 

Typical business benefits to retailers using iVend Retail include:

  • Total sales growth of over 40%

  • 20% increase in sales due to increased customer loyalty and integrated eCommerce

  • Inventory savings of over 40% due to improvements in inventory turnover

  • Gross margin improvement of over 2%

To download the iVend Optical Retail brochure, visit http://www2.ivend.com/OpticalRetail.

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