'It's broke!' Watch Derek Carr react to his heartbreaking injury as he was mic'd up

The beauty of NFL Films wiring players for sound is we get their real reactions to in-game moments, good or bad.

And while it won’t be fun for Oakland Raiders fans to watch, we got to see quarterback Derek Carr immediately react to an injury that probably ended his season.

When Carr was sacked by Indianapolis Colts pass rusher Trent Cole, he immediately seemed to say “It’s broke.” Lip readers were right. He said that repeatedly before even reacting to the pain of breaking his leg. The play in question happens at 3:20 of the above video.

What’s also notable after the injury is that Carr gives encouragement to backup Matt McGloin, even as he’s being helped off with a broken leg.

The video before the injury shows what Carr means to the Raiders. During the Colts game he was constantly leading his team, whether it was telling his offensive linemen to stop getting in a trash-talk war with Colts defenders, getting on receiver Seth Roberts for not running a go route and then explaining to him what happened after, or even laughing with offensive tackle Donald Penn after Penn gave him a hard time because he called a run and not a pass near the goal line. Watch that “Sound FX” video and it’s obvious that Carr is the leader of that team.

And it’s also pretty clear that the Raiders will have a hard time replacing him.

Derek Carr is out 6-8 weeks with a broken right fibula. (AP)
Derek Carr is out 6-8 weeks with a broken right fibula. (AP)

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