It doesn't take much to be ejected from a baseball game

Who doesn’t love a good baseball ejection? Even when it comes at the expense of your club, there’s still a desire to be a “fly on the bat,” listening in and hearing every single word uttered by an angry manager or exasperated umpire.

Sadly, fans don’t have that luxury. Sure, we can go online and find our favorite manager tirades and post-ejection antics, but it’s rare to find pristine audio of an ejection. They do exist, of course, and they are as NSFW as you might expect. (Seriously, those videos are NSFW … don’t watch them at work. Watch them with headphones at home. Enjoy them, though, because they are great.)

As those videos attest, most ejections by umpires are justified. You can’t just hurl expletives at an ump, or throw your helmet in disgust, and expect to stay in a baseball game.

With that said, sometimes players get ejected for the dumbest reasons. If you need proof of that, take a look at the transcript from Detroit Tigers outfielder J.D. Martinez’s ejection from Saturday.

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That exchange reads:

Martinez: You’re having a bad day today, huh Mike?

Everitt: What’d you say?

Martinez: You’re having a bad day today.

Everitt: You’re gone!

Martinez: Why am I gone?

Everitt: You said it twice.

Martinez: ‘Cuz you asked me what I said!

As far as we know, Martinez and umpire Mike Everitt haven’t secretly formed the next great comedy duo, though this exchange would make for one hell of a Vaudeville act.

We only have Martinez’s side of the story but, if true, that seems like a big time overreaction from Everitt. Some context is necessary to fully understand why Everitt was quick to toss Martinez from the contest, though.

Prior to throwing J.D. Martinez out of the game, Everitt had an … eventful night. He ejected Victor Martinez in the third inning for arguing balls and strikes, and then tossed manager Brad Ausmus and hitting coach Wally Joyner in the fifth inning for the same reason.

Mike Everitt ejected four members of the Tigers on Saturday. (Getty Images/Dave Reginek)
Mike Everitt ejected four members of the Tigers on Saturday. (Getty Images/Dave Reginek)

J.D. Martinez was definitely antagonizing Everitt a little with his initial “you’re having a bad day” comment, though it’s possible he could have just been trying to make a joke to lighten the mood. Still, it probably wasn’t a good idea to go there considering Everitt was likely fired up.

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That doesn’t give Everitt the right to eject Martinez for a relatively harmless comment, but at least you can see how something this stupid led to an ejection. Everitt was already fuming and Martinez decided to test his limits.

In an ideal world, every ejection and fair and justified. But this is baseball. The human element exists, and humans make mistakes. Emotions play a role, and that’s going to lead to moments like this.

While there’s certainly reason to be upset a player was ejected from a game for such a dumb reason, at least we have a ridiculous story to go along with it. Baseball isn’t perfect, but it sure can be entertaining sometimes.

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