Inside Holland House, Rio’s most beautifully wild Olympic party (Video)

Fourth-Place Medal

RIO DE JANEIRO – Brazil has some very beautiful people. This is not only an observation, but a fact.

So what does it say that Holland House, the Heineken-sponsored Olympic party zone, actually had even more beautiful people shipped in from the Netherlands to work and mingle at their Rio site?

Well, it says that the 4,000 people who grab a ticket for Holland House each day are doing rather OK for themselves.

Holland House has been attracting crowds at the Olympics since 1994, as one of the first National Organizing Committee houses to go public. Tickets are roughly $50, and that just gets you in the door – all the burgers, beer and gear will cost you more.


Situated in the wealthy Leblon neighborhood, Holland House is one of the Games’ hottest destinations.

We went inside to find out why. Enjoy!

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