Injury Rundown: Vince-ible

If Matt Hasselbeck had actually been crushed by that giant overhead TV camera that fell on Sunday night, the Monday Injury Rundown would be much more interesting. And we'd recommend that you add Seneca Wallace.

Instead, Week 6 wasn't quite as disastrous as the past few Sundays for most of you, injury-wise. But if it's Monday, an Arizona quarterback must be either injured, despondent or both …

Kurt Warner, elbow
This looked awful. Julius Peppers fell directly onto Warner's left elbow while the two players were pursuing a fumble, and the Cardinals QB reportedly tore ligaments. According to Michael Silver, Warner wrote in an email to friends and family that "he believed that through the power of prayer he would be miraculously healed before undergoing the exam."

This sort of thing worked for Jon Kitna in Week 2. But just in case, you might scan the waiver wire. The 39.8 percent-owned Jeff Garcia (at Detroit) and 2.0 percent-owned Damon Huard (at Oakland) both have reasonably good Week 7 match-ups.

Vince Young, quadriceps
Young headed out of bounds on a short second-half scramble, limped a bit, then crumpled on the sidelines. The team is calling him "day-to-day." After the game, Young told reporters, "I just wanted to be cautious, because every time I tried to bend my knee, there was a little sharp pain. I didn't really want to go back out there and do anything to make it even worse." You'll have to follow this throughout the week. The Titans face Houston in Week 7. The Texans allow 213.2 passing yards per game and 4.8 yards per rush, so Young figured to be a decent start.

Chris Brown, sprained ankle
You'd better consider Brown day-to-day, too. His first-half ankle injury led to the big Week 6 workload for LenDale White (59.2 percent-owned). Nearly 60 percent of Brown's 2007 rushing yards came in that Week 1 game at Jacksonville. Thereafter, he's gained 3.3 yards per carry.

Sammy Morris, chest
The Patriots are averaging – averaging! – 38.3 points per game. Like, in a typical game, that's what they'll score. But if you give them a worthy opponent, they'll gladly score more. Despite the 38.3 points per game, the running back combination of Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris has exactly three touchdowns. And Maroney has none. This is just really not a running team. Morris had 10 carries for 14 yards before leaving in Week 6.

We don't know much more about Morris' chest injury as of Monday afternoon. In fact, we can't definitively say that it's really his chest. Here's how this thing will play out: not much will be said, all the rumors will be false, Morris will be listed as questionable, and you'll have to wait to see the Patriots' inactive list to figure out what the heck to do. Some of us are desperately, foolishly hoping for Maroney to return. It does not seem appropriate to pray for groins.

Benjamin Watson, ankle
"So where are all the New England touchdowns going?" you might reasonably ask. That is, if it weren't the most well-covered story in NFL history. Watson actually has five TDs for the Patriots, but he left the … hmmm, who did they play last week? I can't quite remem- … Oh, yeah. He left the Dallas game in the first-half. Roy Williams injured him, oddly not on a horse collar tackle, Williams' signature move. If you'd like to know how Watson's injury status will play out, please see the note above on Sammy Morris.

Todd Heap, hamstring
Another tight end injured on another fairly secretive team. Heap reportedly aggravated the hamstring injury that caused him to miss Week 5. According to the Baltimore Sun's Edward Lee, Brian Billick has said that Heap "might play" against Buffalo in Week 7, where he'd have a sensational match-up. Lee also reported that there's an increasing possibility that gigantic tackle Jonathan Ogden (toe) will not return this year.

Santana Moss, shame
After dropping passes, falling down, losing a fumble, and generally having as useless a game as a wide receiver can, Moss reportedly benched himself. "I just didn't feel right," he told the Associated Press. "I took myself out." With -2 fantasy points.

You don't see me removing myself from Yahoo! duties just because I blew the Vinny Testaverde call on Friday in an epic way. It's basically the same thing with Moss. Except of course Charles Woodson didn't pick up the Testaverde column and return it for a touchdown.

Moss has violated your trust, sure. But we'll always have this game, which decided a few fantasy championships, so you can't stay mad.